About Me

After more than 20 years of employment I am self-employed since Octorber 2008. Please contact me if you require one or more of the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering and documentation services
  • application development

In the first 12 years of my professional carrer I worked for social insurance. After that, I was employed at one of the biggest international online services. In all of this time I was usually doing work as project manager or developer, i. e.

  • in a big computing centre at the beginning of the 90’s
  • as a specialist for private customers in a marketing project
  • a a controller in many different areas of social insurance
  • as a developer for several controlling- and marketing Tools
  • as a manager for serveral virtual community teams
  • as a product- or project manager for different web products and social media applications
  • as a developer for different social media applications
  • as specialist / trainer for different content management systems

I am also a Commercial Correspondent (English), holding a certificate of the Chamber Of Commerce, Bielefeld. Therefore, I often had the chance to work in an international environment.

Examples for my experience as a developer:

  • the AOL.DE news community “Web2Mix” (ASP.NET 1.1, unfortunately not available online any more)
  • the information and evaluation Portal “Webspitze” as a first reference Project for a new, Hamburg based online agency
  • several internal tools like a database for managing big, international Projects (Access), complex Excel-tools (VBA), a tool for storing marketing data (VB)
  • conversion of data of all kinds as data Feeds (XML or JSON, the feeds were created ususally with PHP)

In the last few years I was busy working for the biggest German portals of their kinds. Here I was creating concepts for websites, tools or mobile applicaktions on different Systems, implementing data intensive applications as project manager and documenting these Systems. I also developed smaller applications and Websites.

You know: Application development is not everything. You need someone who “thinks” and knows your requirements in depth. With my wide experience in these areas I am the right person for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.