There are many development systems and developers available in the market. Every system is, of course, the best one, the specialists are always convinced about the system they know best. But as a developer with lots of experience in product- and project management I know: The result must be perfect, for an acceptable price.

For this reason I usually develop on the platforms mentioned here. These are environments that you can consider “state-of-the-art”. The many tools available result in fast application development, this saves time and cost for you.

This is my concrete offer:

  • Development of browser based applications with PHP / HTML5 / CSS / AJAX
  • Development of websites with ASP.NET / VB
  • Creation of Web Services / XML or JSON interfaces
  • Development of desktop applications with VB.NET
  • Development of databases with the most popular database systems MySQL, Office Access, SQL Server including the applications based on these databases
  • Development of applications with the Microsoft Office System (VBA)